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Korea’s Captain Son Heung-min: We should be like tigers; I will take the initiative

Mihyun Chung

Football Tribe Korea

South Korea’s performance against Georgia was rather disappointing. The team drew in their friendly ahead of a World Cup qualifying match.

Captain Son Heung-min was not happy, either; Spurs star emphasised that “Korea shall be considered weak, as I said previously. We should not make the same mistakes as we made against Georga.

“There is a saying a tiger would fight to death even when hunting for one rabbit. We should fight to death as well against Turkmenistan. I will take the initiative and set an example [for the team].”

When asked to analyse Turkmenistan, Son said,”they pressed the match from the forward, and played an attacking football, possibly because they thought Sri Lanka was weak. What’s important is to do what we should do, and not to make mistakes.”

Son also pre-empted the team. “Playing away is always difficult. Players will prepare themselves.”

The 27-year-old forward also shared his insights and experiences. “I am with Spurs, but it is difficult even for a very skilled player [from Spurs] to break the concentrated, tight defense, such as Newcastle. Players should help each other and sacrifice themselves to create opportunities.”