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Melaka Looking for Quarter Final Place, Perak Held by Penang

Aiman Nazirmuddin

Football Tribe Malaysia


Melaka United manager Zainal Abidin Hassan admits that the chances of reaching the quarter-finals of the Malaysia Cup are still open to all teams in Group D.

The former national player wants his men to maintain a strong lead in the remaining three group games.

“The 3-1 victory over FELDA United FC (last night) has helped Melaka United improve and these three points also replace the points we lost after losing 0-1 to Selangor. I acknowledge that the opportunity for all teams is still open and we must continue to work hard to ensure Melaka continues to compete in the quarterfinals,” he said.

Meanwhile, The Fighters boss Nidzam Jamil expressed frustration over his team’s inconsistent performance. He said the defeat to Melaka United at home would put pressure on FELDA United.

“The mistake of allowing the opposing team to score first shouldn’t be happening in the Malaysia Cup. [The players] should be aware that all teams want victory and mistakes like this cannot be repeated in the future,” he said.

For Perak, coach Mehmet Durakovic was left disappointed as his men only managed a draw against Penang. 

“Honestly we played really well in the first half, we should have scored at least three or four goals. In the second half, we dominated the game with some chances but failed to complete it.

“Penang got a chance and they scored, and it was lucky for them,” he said.

Despite making some exchanges in the second half, hoping to ease his attack, Penang was disappointed to clear their fortifications.

“Only one counterattack did they score the equalizer,” Durakovic stressed. “It was not easy for us to break through the visitors’ stronghold, especially in the second half so we included substitutes. Compliments to Penang for defending well,” he said.