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Do You Really Need This? Five Bizarre Purchases Made by Famous Footballers

We all know there are a lot of athletes with bizarre hobbies. This applies especially to football players, who have very high salaries and are famous for using their money to purchase some “strange” stuff.

Today we will introduce you to come of the craziest purchases made by footballers.

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

In the past, he bought a metal-silver Lamborghini. Everything seems so normal at this point except for one thing…
He decided to paint the car with rainbow colors.
The cost was £240,000.

Aubameyang is famous for being a car collector….however, this time he might have noticed that this car was a little too stylish.

In 2017 he decided to sell it but no buyer emerged.


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Franck Ribéry

On January 2019, during the winter break, he went to Dubai just for eat one strange thing.

He went to a famous steak restaurant and he ordered a “steak covered of gold”!!

The price was around £1,000. Crazy price for ONE PIECE of meat.

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