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Vietnam Progress Report – 2019 AFF U22 Championships

Tran Tien

Football Tribe Vietnam



Vietnam 2-1 Philippines (Tran Danh Trung, Le Minh Binh)

Vietnam 4-0 Timor Leste (Tran Danh Trung [2], Phan Thanh Hau, Le Xuan Tu)


Strengths: Vietnam has been playing with high levels of motivation and concentration so far. They have not made many individual mistakes in both of their first two matches.

Weaknesses: The team’s performances so far have not been as good as expected. The strikers have missed many goalscoring chances. The gap between midfielders and strikers is a bit large, impending Vietnam’s buildup play. On occasion, the young Golden Stars have suffered from incomplete passes.


Standout Performer – Tran Danh Trung

Despite not being considered as the main striker of the team, 19-year-old forward Tran Danh Trung has scored 3 goals in 2 matches to establish himself as the top scorer of the tournament so far.