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Thailand Progress Report – 2019 AFF U22 Championships

Obb Deewajin

Football Tribe Thailand



Thailand 1-0 Timor Leste (Saringkran Promsupa)

Thailand 3 – 0 Philippines (Jaroensak Wonggorn, Jedsadakorn Kowngam & Saringkan Promsupa)


Strengths: The back three have been Thailand’s biggest strength and the springboard for the first 2 victories. Not only did the back line register two clean sheets so far, but they have also played a key role in building up attacks and offering a threat on offensive set pieces.


Weaknesses: So far, the central midfield’s performance has exceeded expectations, mainly thanks to their silky skills and sharp passes. However, their lack of physicality remains untested and could become Thailand’s downfall later on in this tournament.


Standout Performer – Saringkan Promsupa

The captain has been rock solid in defence, while also contributing in attack with his long diagonal passes while netting an impressive two goals from the tournament’s first two games.