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2019 AFC Asian Cup – Vietnam vs Yemen Match Preview


Strengths – After two matches, most of Vietnam’s strengths in this tournament have already been shown. The team can play with high spirit for the entire 90 minutes. Park Hang-Seo’s side can play with full confidence when they have the chance to advance to the round of 16.

Weaknesses – The fitness of the team will be a big problem for Vietnam. They have played 4 major tournaments in 2018, and now most of them seem to be exhausted.

Player to Watch (with explanation) –  Luong Xuan Truong

With his passing ability used to start attacks for Vietnam, Xuan Truong’s contribution will be crucial if the Golden Stars need to win to advance to the round of 16.



Strengths The fitness of players in Yemen squad is very good at the moment, especially when compared to Vietnam, This presents a huge advantage for the West Asian side in this match.

Weaknesses Despite being coached by Slovenian coach Jan Kocian, Yemen has struggled with their organization so far, both in the attacking and defensive phases. The gap between players is too wide for them to create chances and score.

Player to Watch (with explanation) –  Ahmed Al-Sarori

The right winger is one of the best players in Yemen squad in the first two matches. He has managed some shots to create issues the defenses of Iran and Iraq earlier in the group stage. With Vietnam’s defenders running low on energy, he has the potential to score a historic goal for Yemen tonight.


Prediction: Vietnam 2-0 Yemen