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Calm and confident, ex-Barca star Lee Seung-woo: I play football because it is fun

Ex-FC Barcelona youngster Lee Seung-woo is having his first World Cup. However, he is just as calm and confident as usual.

“Now I can feel the World Cup after I come to Russia. But my mindset has not changed,” said the 20-year-old. “It has always been my dream to play for the national team.”

Hellas Verona forward is famous for his confidence, and it has not changed either. “I play football because it is fun, and thus I should not feel pressured and help my seniors a lot. I sleep well. I am excited but still can sleep well.

“I think we can defeat Sweden. I hope we can prepare well and enjoy it a bit more,” said Lee. “We don’t know football. We can only predict, but don’t know for sure. I think we can defeat Sweden, and players believe so as well.”

This is Lee’s first national team experiences. He left Barcelona B and joined Hellas Verona in 2017; though he was given little opportunity, he proved himself whenever possible, and was chosen by Shin Tae-yong.