Kim Seung-gyu gets ready for the match against “tall” Sweden

South Korea are not among the best teams that are participating in the 2018 World Cup; South Korea is not expected to reach the round of 16, especially as Korea are facing strong teams in the group stage: Germany, Mexico and Sweden.

This is why defense is even more important, which South Korea’s goalkeeper Kim Seung-gyu agrees on.

Kim highlighted the importance of goalkeeper’s role. “I watched the match between Germany and Saudi Arabia, and thought Saudi conceded two goals only thanks to their goalkeeper’s fine performance,” Kim said after the training. “If we allow a goal early or many goals in the first half, the team will be demoralized. If we manage to hang on [in the first half], I think we might have the chance of winning in the second half.”

Vissel Kobe’s goalkeeper is also aware of another threats: height.

“Sweden often initiate aerial battles. In such cases, second balls become threats. We are discussing defensive positions for the second balls.”

The average height of Swedish players is 185.2cm; Korea, 182.2, according to CIES Football Observatory Monthly Report.