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Sriwijaya FC players goes on strike after delayed Salary

One of the biggest clubs in Indonesia, Sriwijaya FC, seemed to have a big problem. Their players went on strike and disappeared from two training sessions on Monday and Tuesday. This problem allegedly happened because Sriwijaya didn’t pay the salary of their players.

Sriwijaya’s management claimed that the strike and the delayed salary were true. As rumor said, the salary was delayed for one to two months. However, Sriwijaya’s Director of Finance, Yani Arsyad, denied this issue. He said that the salary is only delayed for 20 days, not two months.

The salary itself is delayed because Sriwijaya’s sponsors haven’t paid their sponsor money to the club. The sponsors seemed to have administration problems, therefore, they cannot pay the club.

No players showed up in two training sessions, with only coaching staffs and who attended the sessions. Rahmad Darmawan, Sriwijaya’s head coach, didn’t want to comment on this situation. He advised the media to ask the players themselves regarding this strike.

If this strike continues, Sriwijaya will face a big question about their availability for the match against Barito Putera which will be played on Friday. There is possibility that Sriwijaya will forfeit the match if their players won’t show up.