Marouane Fellaini: I would have no problem with living in China

Marouane Fellaini revealed he would happily pursue his career in China if Manchester United fail to offer him a suitable contract.

Fellaini, who moved to Old Trafford from Everton for £27.5m in 2013, might be on the move this summer when his contract with the club expires.

In an interview with The Sun, the Belgium international blasted United for hesitating to offer him a new deal.

“I went to see the manager last year, and said I wanted a new contract. I then had a second meeting, but I’m not going to ask ten times,” he said.

“Since then I have become important for the team – and it costs £50m minimum to buy a good new player.

“So the club knew they made a mistake with me.

“I am now 30, at the end of my contract, and in talks with United. Many other clubs have shown interest in me, and I will wait to see what happens.

“I would have no problem with living in China. I like discovering new places and cultures, and I would not go alone – my family would go with me.”