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Indonesia women national team ready to play against strong teams

By Fransiskus Xaverius Steven Danis
Translated by Budy Darmawan

It is been a month since Indonesia’s Women National Team (Timnasita) has been brought together to the PSSI National Youth Training Centre on March, 5. With Satia Bagdja Ijatna as their head coach, Timnasita has planned an international friendly match as their preparation to face two major competitions this year.

Indonesia will become the host of AFF Women’s Championship 2018 that will be held on June. A month later, they will compete in Asian Games in Palembang, South Sumatera.

For their friendly match in Mei, Thailand’s Women National Team is chosen as the opposite team. Timnasita’s Assistant Manager, Alex Aldha Yudi, said in one interview that they are planning to schedule a match against Japan or North Korea.

It is a brave decision from them, as the three nations have strong women team, especially in Asia. Japan and North Korea frequently compete in Women’s World Cup and Olympic. Chaba Kaew, Thailand’s Women Team nickname, is the first team from Southeast Asia that went to Women’s World Cup. They won the first match against Ivory Coast but could not pass the group phase as they lost the other two games.

One of Timnasita’s keeper, Vera Lestari, is confident that her team will do well when they play against those strong team. The solidarity between players is said to be one of the keys to win their matches.