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Dasron Hamid Cup: A Hope to Develop Young Players in Indonesia

By Ganesha Arif Lesmana (@ganesharif)

Translated by Budy Darmawan (@budydiew)

Football competition on high school level is very crucial for the future of one nation and should be furthermore recognized. High school could be the golden age for the footballer.

Unfortunately, in Indonesia, high school-level competition is often overlooked. It is not an apple-to-apple if we compare the high school-level in Indonesia with the one in Japan.

But, there is still hope in Yogyakarta. Later in April, the Dasron Hamid Cup will be held by Universitas Muhammadiya Yogyakarta (UMY). It is high-school level competition and high schools from Yogyakarta and Central Java will compete with each other.

Football Tribe Indonesia called Koco Pramono, the head of Committee responsible for hosting the Dasron Hamid Cup. He says that this cup is held to celebrate UMY’s anniversary.

“It is an annual cup that held every year by UMY. But in recent years, the tournament, which used to be called UMY Cup, was put a halt for a long time. Because of that, UMY helped by PSIM and KONI Yogyakarta want to revive the tournament with a new name,” said Koco.

There will be eight high schools that will compete with each other. There are SMA Muhammadiyah Bantul (Muhiba), SMAN 2 Playen, SMA Pengasih, SMA Tanjungsari, SMA Muhammadiyah Satu (Mutu), SMAN 4 Yogyakarta, SMAN 5 Magelang, and SMA Seyegan Sleman. The tournament will be held from April 2 until April 5 on UMY field. Because there is enough time, the knockout system will be implemented for this tournament.