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Sylvano Comvalius’s Post on Instagram Spreads the Rumour about His Return to Indonesia

Sylvano Comvalius was one of the best strikers in Indonesia. In his first year, he broke the most goal in one season record. Played with Bali United, he scored 37 goals from 34 matches. His sharpness in front of the goal helped Bali United finished as runner-up in Liga 1 Indonesia 2017.

However, it is not last long. The ambitious Comvalius chose to go to Thailand League, which has better quality than Liga 1. He then joined Suphanburi FC. Unfortunately, that decision is not to work very well for the Dutchman.

Comvalius has not scored for Suphanburi. He then got demoted to the bench-warmer by his manager, Adebayo Gbadebo. What makes it worse, The War Elephant got a better result when they play without Comvalius.

And then, a rumor that he has difficulties adjusting life in Thailand and he seeks a way out from Suphanburi. The rumor is fired up with his post on Instagram.

“Some things are hard to face. But it’s not the end of the world. It’s about how you react. Always keep following your own path and work hard to get out of the situation,” said the post.

From the caption, he said that he is trying hard to get out from his difficult condition. The word “out” could have many meanings, and one of them is moving out from his current club so he could back to his best performance.

This signal from Comvalius gets attention from many clubs in Indonesia. There are rumors that he will go back to his old club or he could go to Persebaya Surabaya. But of course, going back to Indonesia is one of the best solutions for his problem.

But, a rumor is just a rumor. There is still no movement either from Bali United or Persebaya. Suphanbari won’t sell his new player so easily, even though he is not performing well. It is interesting to see Comvalius’s decision to get out from his problem.