Saudi Arabia AFC Champions League

Omar Al-Somah to return to help Al Ahli reach AFC Champions League quarters

By Assi Alghazali 

The absence of Omar Al-Somah due to his injury might be a reason that Al Ahli could not reach the quarter-final of AFC Champions League.

Al Ahli wasted many chances in the previous games without Al-Somah, including the match against Al-Gharafa when his absence made it difficult for his side to fire into the opponents’ goal.

The Jeddah team earned all victories in the two opening games, but they got slowed down following the 1-1 draw with Al-Gharafa on 13 March.

In this game, Al Ahli had 30 percent more possession but could not name themselves on the scoresheet.

After a therapeutic program in Munich, Germany, Al-Somah is fit again and will be available to play for Al Ahli’s next game. However, it is not confirmed that the Syrian striker could make it for the whole 90 minutes.