A-League to expand for two new clubs since 2019/20 season

Football Federation Australia (FFA) confirms plan to introduce two new A-League clubs by 2019/20 season, it announced the news in a media release on Friday.

The attempt from FFA has reportedly aimed to raise the attendances and television audiences for the A-League.

“FFA’s directors have targeted the 2019-20 season as the start date for two new clubs. More details about the formal process will be announced next month with the intention to have a decision later this year,” it said in a statement, as reported on the Perth Now.

“It is an important step towards a new operating model, on which FFA management has been working for more than a year.

“The existing Hyundai A-League/Westfield W-League clubs and FFA’s Member Federations will be invited to participate in discussions regarding the formation of the framework.”

A decision will be made later in the year about which clubs are chosen as part of an expanded league.