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Salaries of Kedah FA players leaked on social media

A document containing salary information of Kedah players for 2017 and 2018 has gone viral after it was leaked on social media earlier today.

This particular document showcased a comparison of salaries earned by Kedah players in 2017 and 2018, besides noting the percentage of increase that was afforded to every single one of them.

Given that it’s a confidential document, speculation on social media suggests that it was leaked by individuals with access to important statistics and documents at the Kedah FA headquarters in Alor Setar.

Here’s a photo of the leaked document.

Photo Credit: Facebook

According to the document, the highest paid players in Kedah are Liridon Krasniqi and Sandro da Silva – both of whom receive a staggering RM128,670.00 per month while Baddrol Bakthiar is the highest paid local player with a salary of RM77,109.05 per month.

From a comparative standpoint, Akhyar Rashid was handed the biggest increment – he is now paid RM16,869.05 per month, compared to his 2017 salary, which was a mere RM2,408.88 per month. Rizal Ghazali and Khairul Helmi were two other individuals who were handed an increment of 53% and 48%, respectively.

But this revelation doesn’t come as a complete shock, given that most footballers in the M-League receive salaries of similar amounts. In fact, a number of clubs in Malaysia even pay salaries that are of a higher scale, when compared to the amount Kedah pay their players.

In 2015, the New Straits Times revealed the amount of money certain clubs pay the biggest players in their team. Johor DT used to pay Patito Rodriguez a sum of RM250,000 per month, while Pahang dished out RM160,000 for Dickson Nwakaeme on a monthly basis.

As for locals, Norshahrul Idlan Talaha was said to be the highest-paid player back then with a salary of RM80,000 per month, while Indra Putra and Shukor Adan were paid RM75,000 per month by Felda United. JDT skipper, Safiq Rahim on the other hand, received a salary of RM70,000 per month.