Malaysian domestic league schedule to be altered for Malaysia U22 to prepare for SEA Games

Football Malaysia LLP (FMLLP) finally accepted the proposal of Malaysia U22 team’s head coach Ong Kim Swee to alter several M-League fixtures for his team to prepare for next month’s SEA Games.

FMLLP have confirmed their decision on the official Facebook fanpage on Wednesday after officials from FMLLP and Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) sat down to discuss the situation.

“Football Malaysia LLP has received FAM’s request to alter M-League fixtures and give our U-22 team enough time to prepare for the SEA Games, which is slated to take place between 17 to 30 August 2017. We have approved the request as well as the new set of fixtures,” the statement read.

Previously, Kim Swee has proposed to the FAM to postpone the Malaysia Super League (MSL) until the SEA Games are over.

Ong Kim Swee has only less than a month to prepare the team before the tournament kicks off on the 14th of August. However, he has been unable to build up a formidable squad to meet the target of the gold medal at 29th SEA Games at home because many players could not join the U22 team to commitments to their club.