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Hulk denies altercation accusations with Guizhou Zhicheng coach

Shanghai SIPG forward Hulk has been accused of punching a Guizhou Zhicheng assistant and the latter want evidence released to the public.

Coach Li Bing of Guizhou accused Hulk of punching assistant Yu Ming in the tunnel during Shanghai’s 3-0 win.

Shanghai SIPG and Hulk have denied the incident, but in a statement on Monday, Guizhou called for action.

“We earnestly request that a higher authority takes this matter seriously,” the statement read.

“We also hope that relevant departments, Shanghai sporting event management and Shanghai SIPG FC would handle the case in a fair and impartial manner, publish the evidence and let the truth be known.”

The Brazilian had denied claims he was involved physically with Yu.

“Unfortunately they [Guizhou Zhicheng] are trying to abuse my image. The coach of the adversary team is accusing me of aggression. Where did he see it?” Hulk wrote on the social network Weibo.

“I didn’t behave violently in any way! I have my conscience clear. God knows it. I just want to do what I love most – is to play football!”

“I’m very happy in China. I like and respect all of the Chinese people.”

Li had said Hulk “punched our assistant coach Yu Ming and caused him to fall to the ground” after an argument in the tunnel.

After reviewing CCTV footage, Shanghai SIPG said the accusations were “inappropriate”.