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European Super League contract leaks show ludicrous hypocrisy from Real Madrid President

Undeniably many mistakes were brought to light in the aftermath of the debacle exposing the perpetrators trying to launch the ill-fated European Super League, and allowing Real Madrid President Florentino Perez to speak publicly was one of the biggest.

It’s starting to look like he has this egotistical Olympian ‘I am Xeus!’ fantasy that Real Madrid are entitled to sit at the top of the mountain due to his helmsmanship no matter what, which means it clearly isn’t an issue if everyone else suffers so long if it meant his team was fine.

The only catch to this is that Real are anything but fine right now the way things are unravelling following the unexpected plot of the ill-timed European Super League as penned by Perez and his behind-the-scenes perpetrators, and it’s clear that financial greed and desperation were behind the scheme as recent reports show their debt figures topped the 900 Euros mark.

One of the most galling things about this scheme was the absolute hypocrisy that came from Perez, when he dared claim that every team in the new rival league would benefit from this as more money would be spent on transfers, besides also claiming that the new competitive league would “save football’.

What a load of tosh!

Recent leaks show some of the financial details of the proposal, and it appears that Real Madrid, beside Barcelona, were one of the teams who would receive more than the others in this new league:

What an absolute farce to claim that the European Super League would benefit football if this new league wasn’t even going to start with a level playing field for all the teams involved. It was all about money from day one/ to benefit the main perpetrators of this monstrous scheme and any claims about added competition and glorying football on a higher global scale were absolute b******t.

Credit: Football Tribe Malaysia