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Laporta will follow any decision made by Barcelona members regarding European Super League

Following the sudden withdrawals of the top 4 English clubs from the Super League and its subsequent suspension, there is still uncertainty about some of the Spanish clubs’ involvement. For the time being, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Juventus are still part of the European Super League, alongside Real Madrid, whose president Florentino Perez is the compelling driving force behind the operation.

Barcelona, though still part of the European Super League, are now on close alert to the situation as it develops, according to the latest news from Mundo Deportivo. Apparently there are still details pending that can allow Barcelona to withdraw, depending on how events pan out these few days, or even hours.

An earlier development saw the Seguiment FCB, the group of delegate members who are allowed to vote in the Barca general assembly, demanding a referendum to exercise their right to vote and ratify, or revoke, the decision regarding Barcelona’s involvement in the European Super League. Following that, it has been revealed that Barcelona president Joan Laporta is in full compliance with this and leave the decision in the hands of the members as he is aware that the club belongs to the members and that their decision will dictate the club’s final say in the matter.

Barcelona have mostly been keeping a low profile as a passive observer. The lucrative nature of the project amid the club’s uncompromising financial crisis probably deterred them from taking a harsh stand against the new league. Now, however, with the league’s suspension, the club will have no options but to find other solutions to solve their predicament.

Joan Laporta is still noticeably relatively silent on the matter, but with the project seemingly collapsing, there may not be a need to say anything until there is concrete news of Barcelona’s involvement one way ar another. As of now, Barcelona are still one of the few clubs who have yet to withdraw from the breakaway competition, but that looks set to change very soon. The fans are already disgruntled with Camp Nou’s involvement in the entire sordid matter.

Madrid president, Perez, on the other hand and despite putting on a bold front, is now facing a tremendous amount of pressure which could even see him step down as president of the club besides confronting graver consequences.

Credit: Football Tribe Malaysia