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Liga 1 and Liga 2 Set to Resume

Krishna Sadhana

Football Tribe SEA Editor


The Football Federation of Indonesia (PSSI) have announced that both the Liga 1 and the Liga 2 will become the latest football leagues to resume action after months of inactivity brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The top two tiers of Indonesian football will make their return in September and October, with Liga 1 resuming action from the fourth round in September and Liga 2 picking up from the first round of matches in October.

The decision was made during an online meeting between PSSI’s executive committee, where they gather the results of lengthy discussions that the federation had with clubs from Liga 1 and Liga 2. Before the decision to restart the leagues was made, the PSSI have also consulted a number of relevant stakeholders other than the clubs, among them the Indonesian Professional Players Association (APPI), the Indonesian Head Coaches Association (APSSI), the Ministry of Sports and Youth, the Ministry of Health, as well as the COVID-19 Taskforce set up by the Indonesian government. Results from those consultations were compiled during the meeting together with the results from discussions with the clubs, before a final result was announced.

“After competitions were suspended we entered intense discussions with the Liga 1 and Liga 2 clubs,” said PSSI chairman Mochamad Irawan, “They all agree that the competitions should continue. We then brought this up to the executive committee and they agreed to continue both the Liga 1 and the Liga 2 as well.”

“Of course when continuing the competitions we must adhere to the protocols set by the Ministry of Health,” Irawan continued, “Right now we’re drafting on how the competition should continue, with relevant regulations in regards of fans, players, the media, and so on.”

The PSSI did not go into much detail regarding how the competitions would continue, but if rumors circulating throughout the media lately is to be believed, Liga 1 matches will be centralized around the island of Java, while the Liga 2 will continue underneath a new format that has yet to be announced. Last but not least, there will be no teams relegated out of the Liga 1 and the Liga 2 at the end of this season.