Want to Get Ready for Your Microsoft 70-764 Exam? Then Make Use of Practice Tests

Every business in the world depends on data collected and stored to measure their objectives against their achievements. This shows that data is very crucial and needs to be stored perfectly so that it can be easily accessed. Database administrators are the professionals who are responsible for accessing and modifying data in a Database Management System (DBMS).

To validate your skills in SQL database administration, you have to get certified from a reputable vendor. Microsoft currently offers the prestigious Exam-labs MCSA SQL 2016 Database Administration credential to professionals who want to prove their competency in this area of expertise.

So, to know more about this badge as well as one of its related exams, the Microsoft 70-764 assessment you should continue reading this post. Here we will also highlight the significance of practice tests during your exam prep.

How to Validate Your Database Administration Skills?

To confirm that you have the utmost knowledge in SQL database administration, you need to get a popular certification which demonstrates your competency. The AZ-400 AZ-103 AZ-900 70-483 70-740 MD-100 AZ-300 MS-100 Salesforce Admin Practice Tests Database Administration is the perfect credential which clearly shows that you are competent to perform several tasks in a database management system. Earning this badge requires a candidate to have foundational skills in IT and pass the following exams:

• Exam 70-764: SQL Database Infrastructure Administration
• Exam 70-765: SQL Databases Provisioning

Passing these two exams proves that you are proficient in Examsnap SQL database administration. Exam 70-764 is the main point which we are going to focus on since it is part number one of getting the MCSA SQL Database Administration credential.

Microsoft 70-764 Exam Overview

70-764 measures your ability to manage and deploy a database in an enterprise environment. It is ideal for database professionals who take part in installing, maintaining and configuring the SQL database. The professionals’ knowledge in this exam is evaluated based on the following topics:

• Data auditing and access configuration
• Managing backup and restore of SQL databases
• Managing and controlling SQL Server instances
• Disaster recovery and high availability management

As you prepare to take the Microsoft 70-764 exam, it is important to know the nature of the questions that you will encounter in the real test. 70-764 is structured to contain 40-60 questions which can be of various types like multiple choice, active screen, performance-based, among the rest. The maximum time allotted to complete all tasks is 120 minutes and every candidate has to pay an entry exam fee of $165 to be eligible for the test.

Now that you know the key aspects associated with exam 70-764 and its related MCSA SQL Database Administration credential, it is very important to prepare for it to do in the main exam excellently. How to achieve this, read below.

Why Use Practice Tests?

Passing exams is a mandatory step towards earning any Microsoft certification. Many IT experts recommend utilizing practice tests to sharpen your wit in preparation for the real exam. The best source to get beneficial practice tests is the Exam-Labs.com website. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of using such tests from this online platform. So, practice tests:

Resemble the main assessment – it will be worthless to prepare using the materials that do not give you an actual insight into the main exam. Free and updated practice tests from the Exam-Labs.com give you the ideal nature of the main test because they are uploaded by the real exam-takers, which simply means that you will never go wrong if you rely on them during your entire preparation.
Build your confidence – candidates usually fail the certification exams due to their test phobia. Doing such tests requires confidence because some of the questions are challenging and complex. In this case, you can turn to paid practice tests from Exam-Labs. They go in the form of the 70-764 Premium Bundle that costs $49.99 and includes three exam prep items. They are a set of previous exam questions and expert-verified answers to them, a video tutorial with lectures and an extensive study guide. The more you practice with these products, the more you believe in yourself and your knowledge.
Help you identify the knowledge gaps – this is the most vivid advantage of using practice tests. Preparation cannot be that perfect because you might forget some key concepts which can be featured in the actual exam. Practice tests help you identify the key points which you are not conversant with because every time you get challenged by a question, you will know that you are not familiar with the related topic. As a result, you can pay attention to the specific topics to ensure that you have got the right answers.
Improve knowledge retention – it is a basic expectation to retain some knowledge and skills every time you go through educational content. The practice tests are the perfect tools to help you retain more content on a specific topic or unit. This is because they assess your knowledge using topical questions making you remember what you have already learned. As a result, you will manage to retain more content because you can remember it in the form of questions and answers.
Help to manage time – the time is one of the important aspects used to measure your competence in database administration. Since Exam-Labs’ 70-764 practice tests are in the vce format and opened with the VCE Player that sets the time similarly to the real exams, during your preparation you can time yourself so that you manage to complete the questions within 120 minutes or less. Thus, you will manage to tackle the real exam within the specified timeframe.

Career Prospects

How about the career prospects that the MCSA SQL Database Administration can provide you with? Well, earning this badge qualifies you for the position of a database administrator or infrastructure specialist. According to the Payscale.com, the annual salary of the certified professional ranges from $70,000 to $74,000.

And now let’s make a brief review of what you’ve read.

In a Nutshell

Data administration is an important skill to gain because everything in the world involves data. The Microsoft 70-764 exam can equip you with a solid foundation to attain the beloved MCSA SQL Database Administration badge that will launch your database administrator career. Get free and paid actual practice tests from the Exam-labs.com and make your preparation lively and beneficial. Make sure you meet all the exam objectives.