World Cup Qualifying Iran

Confirmed: Iraq-Iran match will play in Basra

Iraq national team director Basil Korkis has admitted that Iran accepted to face Iraq in their 2022 World Cup qualifier in Basra.

Political tensions in Iraq led to death of near 100 people in different cities included Basra and casted shadow on Iraq-Iran match that scheduled for 14 November.

Iraq national team had played their home matches abroad from 2011 to 2019 and the 2-0 win over Hong Kong in the second round of 2022 World Cup qualification was their first home match after 8 years.

But after recent tensions, it seemed they have to play against Iran in a third country but Korkis announced Iranian delegate who traveled to Iraq to assess the situation, accepted to play in Basra.

He told to Al-Sabah:” Iran national team director Mohammaad Reza Saket and his colleagues accepted to play in Basra after visiting the stadium and hotel. After the meeting, we agreed that first and second leg will play on previous schedule.”