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Strangest Clauses in Football Players’ Contracts

This week Spain football media revealed the strange option inside Lionel Messi’s contract with Barcelona. It’s written that the player can leave the club for free after the end of the season if he informs the club 30 days in advance.

Today we want to see other players whose contracts also have strange options.


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Moise Kean

The Italian national team forward, who left Juventus for Everton this summer, had a really peculiar option on his contract he signed for the Italian giants in 2017.
The club had to send to his father, living in Ivory Coast, a tractor to help him work in the countryside.

However, Kean’s father never received the tractor. He was so pissed off and he announces to the media that his child only thinks about his mother.
The news became a hot topic also because Kean’s father abandoned his family when the player was still very young and flew back to Côte d’Ivoire.


Dennis Bergkamp

We have previously discussed Dennis Bergkamp’s fear of airplanes in this article. In fact, his fear is so severe that in all of his contracts, there is an option that he will not take airplanes to away games.

The reason why Bergkamp became scared of planes is that in the past, a plane he was on was targeted and suspected to be in danger.

The player himself commented: “I started to go to psychiatry. As soon as I go inside a plane, my body stops moving. Of course, I’m afraid from the day before I get on the plane and I cannot sleep.”


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Daniel Agger

The former Denmark national player who also played for Liverpool has a very good sense of business.
On one of his contracts, his club had to show advertisements for his company during home games inside the stadium.
Obviously Daniel did not have to pay anything for that.


Hugo Lloris

Tottenham Hotspur’s and French national team goalkeeper Hugo Lloris receives a bonus not only for games where he wins or draws but also for games he loses.
By the way, his bonuses are 7,000 euros for winning games and, in case of drawing and losing a game, 4000 euros.


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Cristiano Ronaldo

The most famous soccer player in the world, who really likes to see himself in the mirror, made a very strange request to his national team.
During the 2014 Brazil World Cup, he requested for the installation of a non-fogging mirror in the locker room of the stadium where Portugal was going to play.


Gianluigi Donnarumma

Milan and Italy national team goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma signed a contract with Milan that included also the acquisition by the club of his brother Antonio. The deal was made in 2017 summer.
His brother’s transfer fee was 1 million euros, and it became a hot topic as “the most expensive third-choice goalkeeper” in Serie A.