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David Beckham Hates Frogs? Seven Strange Fears of Football Stars

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Even the most courageous person in the world is scared of something. Even if we try to hide it around other people, in our mind, we know what we hate and what we don’t want to see.

This is also true of football players. Even if we see our heroes as courageous warriors on the pitch, sometimes they are not the same in real life.

Today let’s look at seven footballers and their strange fears.

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Dennis Bergkamp
Fear: Airplanes

Bergkamp is famous for his airplane phobia. In the beginning, it was only a soft annoying feeling but getting closer to the end of his career the problem became bigger.

He said: “I started to go to a therapist. As soon as I step on the airplane my body doesn’t move at all. Also, the night before taking a flight I wasn’t able to sleep at all for how much I was scared”.


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Jesús Navas
Fear: Being Far From Home

Here’s a fear which explains why Navas, who is certainly talented enough to feature for top clubs all over the world, only left his local club Sevilla for a short stint at Manchester cITY.

Navas reveal one fact about his past: “When I was a little boy I had to go to a training camp one hour far from home. As soon as I arrived there I had homesick and I got in panic. I was so scared that my father and my brother had to come back to pick me up again”


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Paul Gascoigne
Fear: Darkness

Gascoigne, who continued to fight against alcoholism during his life, was also scared about another thing. Darkness.

One of his former teammates said: “In the hotel during away games, he always slept with the television turned on. Also when he wasn’t able to calm down and sleep, he just went out of the room searching for someone to speak with”.

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