World Cup Qualifying Indonesia

Five Things Indonesia Learned After Their 3-0 Loss to Thailand

Indonesia were defeated 3-0 by Thailand at the Gelora Bung Karno last night, making it two losses from two for the Garuda at the start of World Cup Qualifying. Football Tribe Indonesia’s Steven Danis processes the fallout from that defeat with five things we learned from that game:

Simon Says…

The coach is quite good for motivating the team. I love when Simon shouts “Up! Up!” with his hand gesture under his chin to encourage his players after Supachok first goal. But the Scottish coach isn’t a good tactician. He looks to replicate how Tan Cheng Hoe played in the first game, waiting calmly until the first half ended and giving shocks at the early second half. But Nishino showed that he was more clever than Simon, stealing three points and three goals in the second half. Also, his substitutions weren't game changing and just responses to physical problems from his players.

The Captain’s Failure

Andritany become the first player to get criticism from fans after the defeat against Malaysia. Luckily he played better against Thailand, making three crucial saves in the first half until his mistake led Theerathon’s penalty and Thailand's second goal. Simon now needs to make a bold decision on the first away games against UAE. Andritany may need to be benched, and Angga Saputro or another keeper will need to earn the trust to be the new hero under the Garuda’s post.

Basna The Beast

Despite conceding three goals from Changsuek he is the player that needs to be highlighted on the back four. Basna, with all his experience in Thai League, was able to maintain the defense. He made several key tackles and blocks and also limited Chanathip's movement with Hansamu and Manahati. With Evan Dimas, I think he deserved best rated amongst the players. We are still waiting for him to be paired with Igbonefo as the two towers in front of the goalie.

Dutch Desperate Duo

When I see Bachdim and Lilipaly pairing up with Beto and Andik as the fantastic four, I had optimism that the Dutch Duo could be Indonesia's savior. However, they become the Desperate Duo as Lilipaly spent too much time on the ball when dribbling and sometimes shot from a long way from the net. Additionally, Bachdim looks confused with his role with Beto and Osas Saha in the second half. With the lack of creativity we deserved nothing on this game.

Unpleasant Home Atmosphere

Two losses in two first home game, Indonesia have dropped really important points in their long journey to Qatar. With the last two home games against Vietnam and the UAE, I think it’s time to move from Jakarta especially GBK. The ticket price is too expensive and the crowd won’t take a risk after a riot on the first game, in front of 15.000 spectators last night if Indonesia wants a better atmosphere they can take Manahan, Mandala Krida or even I Wayan Dipta Stadium in Bali also to test the venues for U-20 World Cup 2021 bid.