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“We Want To Sell Them, But….” Top Players Who Aren’t Easy To Sell

The summer transfer window is almost over.

Many clubs are wishing to offload some of their high earners, either to recoup the money spent or fund further transfers. However, some clubs are struggling to let go of their high-earning players, limiting what they can do in the transfer market and presenting a financial burden.

Today we introduce you the Star Players that top clubs are not able to sell for various reasons.

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Gonzalo Higuain
Club: Juventus

Juve has plenty of attacking players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Mandzukic, Paulo Dybala and Federico Bernardeschi.

Higuain is one of the candidates to be sold and there is an offer from Roma waiting for him. However, Higuain is unlikely to leave, because he has already said that he wants to remain at Juventus and will not take other offers. If he insists, there is a high possibility that other clubs lose their interest to him.

Currently, in this situation, Juventus are instead focusing on the sale of Mandzukic.

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Philippe Coutinho
Club: Barcellona

This summer Barcelona bought two expensive players – French attacker Antoine Griezmann and Dutch midfielder Frenkie de Jong.

Selling Coutinho is an important step to cover those big expenses.

It is reported that a lot of Premier League clubs are interested. However, the only club that can afford such a big deal is Liverpool, who have already adapted to life without him and are looking to preserve their squad balance without making any new signings.

With the Premier League market closed as of last night, it’s hard to see any clubs being able to afford the Brazilian.

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