Microsoft Word Certifications: How to Get Certified?

Microsoft Word is a popular software program by Microsoft which helps people and companies to document, share and report their work. Since its establishment, Microsoft has devised a number of Microsoft Office tools, and Microsoft Word is one of the highly accredited, basic and powerful tools for everyday use.

For professionals, it has become really important to be aptly skilled with a set of software programs to be able to perform well in their work. Microsoft Word certification in this regard helps an employee prove their skill in performing tasks on Microsoft Word and get equipped with all the functions that can be worked on this tool.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria?

There isn’t any special degree or skill required to take the Microsoft MCSE Certification test for the candidate. Basic knowledge in computer operation or proficiency in Microsoft office tools works just fine for the person to get started with the Microsoft Word certifications understanding and study. Enrolling in a basic computer knowledge program or some computer skills helps in learning the Microsoft tools better.

How to Get Microsoft Word Certifications?

Microsoft has designed the Microsoft Word certifications as part of the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) program which entails specialist knowledge in varied software tools designed by Microsoft. Prepaway can register for the MOS program and then take a specialization in the software they choose. This is open to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Office, etc.

Step 1: Register for the course

To get any Microsoft Word certification one needs to register with Microsoft for the Microsoft Office Specialist program and set up an exam date. This is available on the Microsoft official website on payment of a basic fee. The exam date and course details are then provided to the student to help them prepare according to the syllabus.

Step 2: Opt for specialization

Microsoft Office Specialist is a comprehensive program test that includes all the Microsoft office software tools. The examinee needs to sign up for the specialization they are opting for. To get Microsoft Word certifications one needs to choose Microsoft Word as their specialization subject and then prepare for the same. The selection of the specialization will fetch them the syllabus and course details for the specialization subject.

Step 3: Prepare for the exam

To prepare for the Microsoft Word certification exam a student/examinee just needs to start with the basic computer knowledge and upgrade their skills of working with Microsoft Word. Enrolling in a training program for Microsoft Word helps in learning the word skills and functions well according to the syllabus.

Step 4: Take the certification exam

Microsoft Word certification exam is a 90-minute online exam which consists of multiple tasks to be performed using the right tools of the software program. At the end of the tasks the student is given the score they earned, and thus the results are declared instantly. For example, for Microsoft Word certifications the tasks will revolve around making a Word document file using certain features of the software.

What Skills Are Tested in Microsoft Word Certifications?

There are a set of skills tested in Microsoft Word certifications which proves that the examinee understands the functioning of the software and can perform them in the best possible way. These skills consist of mainly:

  • Microsoft Word document creation, formation, customization, navigation, drafting, etc
  • Protecting the document with passwords, unlocking, saving and printing of documents, formatting of texts and making lists and tables on the same.
  • Including pictures, art, music, slides, etc. into the Word document and processing them to make a presentation best.
  • Use references of features and devise a report to present a Word document.
  • Advanced formatting and designing skills, mail merging, building block, templates, etc.
  • Multiple document management, indexes, and references customizing documents, designing and presenting the Word document, etc.

How to Prepare for Microsoft Word Certifications?

To prepare for the Microsoft Word certifications, a student needs to take at least 6 months of time to dedicate to the learning of the features of Microsoft Word. If one is skilled and equipped with regular working on the Microsoft Word software, they may need some less time to cover the syllabus.

Step 1: Take up a course

Sign up for Microsoft Word training course and learn the operation of Microsoft Word. This will include the insights of the Microsoft software programs, their understanding, creating documents and learning ways to work with them. Starting with the simple functions, the course would take you to the advanced features that make you work with the software tool smoothly. Cover up all the knowledge mentioned in the syllabus to grasp the knowledge of the subject and learn the software tool better.

Step 2: Practical training

Practical knowledge of working with Microsoft Word software is a must. Unlike the theoretical knowledge, the focus is on the fluency of work, ease of performing the functions and channelizing a speed of performing tasks on Microsoft word. With regular practice and learning one shall be able to perform tasks on Microsoft Word better and be more aware of its functions.

Step 3: Reference materials

To get complete knowledge on the subject and syllabus choosing the right reference material is important. Take up the advice of the experts and pick up two reference books on Microsoft Word which hone theoretical and practical skills in Microsoft Word. This will help you get ready reference while you practice on the software.

Step 4: Mock Tests

Take up Microsoft Word certification mock tests available with a range of online workshops. Sign up for an accredited source and take up the mock tests to evaluate your learning. With each test check your mistakes and work on the weak areas to hone your skills better. This should be done two months before the exam to get a grip on the exam method and formats.


Microsoft Word certifications are a highly accredited course to prove your Microsoft Word skills to the employer and get a credible job. This works best for the Computer engineers, architects and relevant fields requiring the use of Microsoft Word as their core functioning tool.