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AFC Asian Cup – Vietnam vs Jordan Match Preview


Strengths – Vietnam are now in confident mood after reaching the Round of 16 on the last day of the group stage. With the side in high spirits, Park Hang-Seo’s men can cause problems for any team in the competition.
Weakness – As usual, the fitness of players will be the main issue for Vietnam. Currently, it appears that nobody in the team now can keep their energy for an entire 90 minutes, and this issue will be made worse by the limited rest time the players have had.

Player to Watch (with explanation) – Que Ngoc Hai

The 26-year-old defender was one of the team’s best players during in group stage. Against opponents with high energy from West Asia, Ngoc Hai contribution is crucial in allowing the Golden Stars to maintain a solid defense.



Strengths – Jordan was one of the teams who are yet to concede a single goal at this tournament. Their solid defense allowed them to finish ahead of defending champions Australia in Group B. It will be hard for any team to score against Jordan in this year’s tournament.

Weakness – In the recent matches, Jordan has not been very good when taking an attacking approach. They always face trouble when they play against teams which adopt a deep defensive line.

Player to Watch (with explanation) – Musa Al-Taamari

The 21-year-old striker is the only European based player in Jordan’s squad for this tournament. He has scored a goal as his side beat Syria 2-0 in the group stage. His performance will be the key for Jordan in the match against Vietnam.