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PSSI Chairman Edy Rahmayadi won quick count of North Sumatera governor election

On Governor Election named Pilkada (Pemilihan Kepala Daerah) Serentak 2018 at Indonesia last Wednesday, 27 June, PSSI chairman Edy Rahmayadi won the quick count as North Sumatera governor.

Based on SMRC data until 16.40 GMT+7 at 27 June, Edy, and his running mate, Musa Rajekshah, surpassing Djarot Syaiful Hidayat and Sihar Sitorus as his competitor, with 58,94% votes. That was from 94,33 counted votes.

SMRC claimed their quick count will not differ much from the real count so that we can conclude that Edy Rahmayadi will be the new governor of North Sumatera Utara. But, it also raises many people eyebrows, as Edy still officiates as PSSI chairman. He still has 2 years length of service, until 2020.

So the question is, will Edy let go his position at PSSI? Or will he concurrent the position as PSSI chairman and North Sumatera governor?

As stated in Statuta PSSI, if the chairman is permanently or temporarily unable to perform his official duties, the vice-chairman shall represent him until the next Congress. That means Joko Driyono whose the PSSI vice-chairman will be the temporarily PSSI chairman until the next Congress to vote the new PSSI chairman.

But there is also the possibility that Edy Rahmayadi will concurrent the position, Earlier this year, he took temporary absence as PSSI chairman to prepare his campaign on governor election. So the people worry if Edy will still hold the position as PSSI chairman, while he is also the North Sumatera governor.