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‘Dae Gea’ Cho Hyun-woo allowed no defending champion to pass

written by Il-han Ryu, Football Tribe Korea

South Korea did not make it to the last 16, but Cho Hyun-woo, but goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo was still stunning.

Korea played against the defending champions Germany in the last round of group F on 27 June. Its goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo recorded six saves in this match alone, having been officially awarded Man of the Match. His outstanding performance helped the team earn three points by defeating Germany 2-0 and sit third in the table.

Cho conceded three goals in the group stage; two of them were from the spot kicks. Attempts Cho stopped summed up to 12 in total.

Korean supporters have given him the nickname ‘Dae Gea’ after his club ‘Daegu FC’ and the world-class goalkeeper David De Gea, to highlight his wonderful form in his club and national team. Numbers, however, suggest “Dae Gea” has performed even better than De Gea who made only one save while conceding five goals.