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Saudi Arabia’s coach surprises everyone with 2018 World Cup squad list

Argentina’s Juan Antonio Pizzi, the coach of the Green Falcons team, blew a big surprise after announcing the final green list of the World Cup Russia.

The list did not include many names were predicted to be the special weapon for the Greens this summer, names such as Mohammed Jafli and Asaf Al-Qarni and Saeed Al-Mouloud and Mohammed Al-Kwikbi and Nawaf al-Abed.

By not choosing Al-Abed, Al-Hilal’s key player, Pizzi has caught everyone off guard.

The manager seemed not satisfied with Al-Abed’s current form and level of fitness as the player has missed several matches in the past five months due to injury, before playing in a 3-0 defeat against Peru.

The list came as follows:

Goalkeepers: Yasser Al-Musaylim, Mohammed Al Owais, Abdullah Al-Mayouf

Defender: Mansour al-Harbi, Yasser al-Shahrani, Osama Husawi, Omar Husawi, Ali al-Balihi, Mohammed al-Brik.

Midfielder: Abdullah Atif, Salman Al-Faraj, Mohammed Kano, Abdullah Al-Khibri, Hussein Al-Mekhoi, Abdul Malik Al-Khibri, Hattan Bahbari, Salem Al Dosari, Tayseer Al-Jasem, Yahya Al-Shehri.

Forward: Fahad al-Mawlid, Muhannad Asiri, Mohammed al-Sahlawi.