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Leeds United’s Myanmar Tour gets criticisms because of Rohingya case

Leeds United, a team from second-tier English division, is planning to go to South East Asia as a pre-season tour. But, there have been many critics from many people regarding their plan.

Leeds will visit Myanmar and it is sponsored by AYA, a private bank located in Myanmar. Their plan though has been criticised by members of British parliaments.

Their refusal is voiced by dr. Rosena Allin-Khan, a member of the parliaments and a temporary British Sports Ministry. They balked Leeds’ plan who want to have their pre-season match with Myanmar on May 9 and May 11.

“No club should promote a country which carries out state-sponsored mass murder,” said Khan, cited from BBC. She added, “They must rethink. History will judge them to be on the wrong side of this.”

Allin-Khan, a Muslim, also mentions about Rohingya case which becomes a major problem in Myanmar. But the Leeds refuse that parliaments relate their visit to Myanmar with Rohingya case. Leeds President, Andrea Radrizzani, also denies that financial incentives are the reason why they choose to visit Myanmar.

“The club is not receiving any fee to play. Rather I see this both as a personal initiative to support local football and a way to introduce the name of Leeds United in the fastest growing country in Southeast Asia,” said Radrizzani, cited from Independent.