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PSSI Anniversary Cup will be held this year

Football association in Indonesia, PSSI, has planned to hold a tournament between countries as a celebration for their 88th anniversary and also as a preparation for Asian Games 2018.

The tournament, which is called PSSI Anniversary Cup 2018, is for the U-23 national team.

In the beginning, there were three nations, Bahrain, North Korea, and Malaysia (not including Indonesia as the host), invited to the tournament. But recently, Malaysia would not join the tournament.

Because of that, PSSI tried to find Malaysia’s replacement and they got it. Uzbekistan accepts the invitation and will come to the tournament as a replacement of Malaysia, as it is stated on PSSI official website.

And here is the schedule of PSSI Anniversary Cup 2018 that will be held on April 27th until May 3rd.

Match Schedule:

April 27, 2018

Uzbekistan vs North Korea

Indonesia vs Bahrain

April 30, 2018

Bahrain vs Uzbekistan

Indonesia vs North Korea

May 3, 2018

North Korea vs Bahrain

Indonesia vs Uzbekistan