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PSSI ready to pay debt to ex-president La Nyalla Mattalitti

La Nyalla Mattalitti, the former president of Persatuan Sepak Bola Seluruh Indonesia (PSSI), the football association of Indonesia, lent his own money to the federation back when he was still in charge.

At that time (2013-2015), La Nyalla Mattalitti put PSSI under his guidance. Back then, PSSI were frozen by FIFA, and in order to stay alive, La Nyalla injected his own money up to 13,157 billion rupiahs, to keep the organization running.

Recently, La Nyalla Mattalitti asked PSSI to return his money. His lawyer, Aristo Pangaribuan, told CNN Indonesia eight days ago that PSSI admitted that they owe that much money to La Nyalla Mattalitti, but there were no efforts from PSSI to return the money.

“La Nyalla threw his money to PSSI when he led the organization. At that time, PSSI could not get their money since they were frozen.”

“PSSI admitted that they have debts, they even have done their own audit, and they know that they need to return 13,157 billion rupiahs to La Nyalla, but why they don’t contact us already?”

However, PSSI stated that they have contacted La Nyalla. Ratu Tisha Destria, the Secretary-General of PSSI, said that they have sent a proposal to La Nyalla since 27 July 2017, but La Nyalla and co haven’t replied yet.

PSSI want to propose to pay La Nyala’s debt on four installments, 25% on each installment. The first installment will be paid on the next October and the second one on December.

The third and fourth installment will be paid next year on the same month. Tisha also added that her organization wanted to rebuild their finance, and their first step is to pay all of the debts.