Anyang head coach Ko Jeong-woon criticises players for their lack of professionalism

Anyang FC recorded another defeat. In the fifth round of K League 2, Suwon FC’s Alex Monteiro de Lima scored an opener on 27 minutes. It became the only goal of the match, and Anyang failed to earn any point again.

Anyang’s head coach Ko Jeong-woon was clearly not happy. After having spent a rather long time in the locker room instead of attending the press conference right after the match as usual, Koh did not hide his disappointment.

“Since I joined the team, I have been telling players to play as ‘one team,'” said the coach. “However, some players are being individualistic.”

When asked about why it took so long in the locker room, Koh explained that “I only said one word in the locker room. I think players are on the wrong track. They are happy with where they are and lack a professional attitude to improve. For this team to be better and healthier, players should change their mindsets first.”

Koh added that he would think of changing the starting line-up as there had been no improvement.

Anyang are rooted at the bottom of the table with two points from the past five matches. They were on the seventh with ten more points than bottom-placed Daejeon Citizen last season.