Jakkit Wachpirom joins FC Tokyo for another year

Jakkit Wachpirom Thai winger will come back to FC Tokyo to play in J-League 3 in another year and he set target to fight for place in first team

Jakkit, who has been the first Thai player to score in J-League, joined FC Tokyo on loan from Bangkok United in the second leg of the season. He played for FC Tokyo U-23 team but trained with FC Tokyo first team

Now he will go back to FC Tokyo and play for another year on 11 February

“I would like to sat Thank you for Bangkok United and FC Tokyo to see my ability and let me play in Japan for another year. I believe I can be better. Last year I got a chance to play in J3 and it was the best experience for me. So in this season, I will do my best to fight for position in the first team for play in J1,” Jakkit said.

“I’m very happy this year. Many Thai players come to play in J league. Maybe I’m not lonely anymore. This is good and make a inspiration for me to make Japanese know how Thai player good”

In addition, Jakkit will change number in FC Tokyo from 52 to 31.