Coach Vitorino: Indonesia friendly is a test for upcoming Vietnam fixture

Cambodia coach Leonardo Vitorino has kept his high hope despite a 3-1 loss against Indonesia in the Wednesday friendly.

“My target in this match is to check out the players. We used some young players today. All the time I talk to Cambodia that we are looking into the future because we know the level of our league. It’s not big, so we need time,” Vitorino said in the post-match press conference, as quoted by The Morning.

“I think the players start doing what I want. I want the players to play football, try to attack, and keep the ball. Today, we played with a good national team. They have more strong players because they have a stronger league.

“We suffered from two goals, but we kept and tried to play football. We were not playing to fight, not to make the player injured as we kept playing football. This is what I want.

On the other hand, the Brazilian also admitted that the clash against Vietnam next week would be “totally different”.

“For Vietnam game, it is totally different because I used this game to test some situations that I can use against Vietnam. Some situations were good, [while] some situations didn’t work.

Sure, we will make some changes, but not too much as we need to keep one group together, [and] we need to keep teamwork. They know what I want, [so] I cannot change all the time, [cannot] change the players, so this is important.”