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Witan Sulaiman could follow Egy Maulana Vikri’s path to Europe

Another talented Indonesian youngster, Witan Sulaiman could have the same opportunity as Egy Maulana Vikri to pursue a professional football career in Europe.

The Deputy of Indonesia’s Ministry of Youth and Sports, Raden Isnanta revealed that the football agent whom he met on Monday in order to promote Egy in Europe was also interested in Witan’s potential.

Witan showed an impressive performance during AFF U-18 Youth Championship in Myanmar this month, where the 15-year-old attacking midfielder scored three goals.

“We will try to help them to play in the same team in Europe. They are friends and it could help them easier to adapt,” said Isnanta.

Isnanta also hinted that those two youngsters could join a Spain team with Espanyol was mentioned as the most potential destination.

“Espanyol is one of the option, but there are also another teams. The most important is to look for the team who care about their development, we just do not want to consider the reputation of the team,” he concluded.