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Jose Antonio Reyes to replace Carlos Tevez at Shanghai Shenhua?

Shanghai Shenhua are reportedly considering a move for free-agent Spanish striker Jose Antonio Reyes as a replacement for Carlos Tevez.

Tevez has struggled so far in the Chinese Super League campaign this season, scoring just three goals in 13 games since signing with Shenhua in December and risking his reputation after he lashed out at the quality of the country’s football.

And ahead of the end of season, Reyes arrived in China on Friday amid rumours that he is set to replace Tevez despite Shenhua management insisted that they made no approach to the ex-Atletico Madrid and Sevilla star.

“As a professional player, I really fancy an opportunity to integrate into Chinese football leagues,” said Reyes when he was asked about an opportunity to play in CSL.

“It’s great to be here also because Shanghai is the economic centre of China.

“I think the CSL have improved tremendously because many great players have chosen to play here,” the 34-year-old winger added.

“I pay close attention to the league and I read news reports about it and watch live CSL games through the internet.

“Money is hugely important for the development of a football league. If China could really invest that money properly, Chinese football will make great progress.”