Shanghai SIPG clashed with Tianjin Quanjian over a towel incident

Shanghai SIPG officials clash with Tianjin Quanjian counterparts over a tower incident during the goalless draw between the two Chinese Super League powerhouses on Sunday.

The brawl ignited in the first half when a member of the Tianjin coaching staff positioned a towel on the sidelines for South Korean midfielder Kwon Kyung-won to use to dry the ball before a throw-in.

However, a ball boy from the home team SIPG removed it, which lead to a heated exchange between the two teams and the referee had to send a Quanjian official to the stands.

At the end of the match, a number of Tianjin players and officials took a group photo to show their discontent over the incident.

After the disappointing draw, the André Villas-Boas side slowed down their pace in the chase of table topper Guangzhou Evergrande with three points behind.