Fujieda MYFC coach: Chan Vathanaka needs to work on his strength

After joining Fujieda MYFC of the J3-League from Boeung Ket Angkor, Cambodia football star Chan Vathanaka is expected to improve his performance and growing his fan base in Japan.

However, five months after his arrival, the 23-year-old midfielder has yet to make his first appearance in a league game, and football fans in Cambodia are asking him to return home.

As explained by the coaching staffs of Fujieda, insignificant defensive play and lack of stamina are holding Vathanaka back.

“Vathanaka needs more speed, in either offense and defense,” the team coach Atsuto Oishi pointed out, as quoted by NHK. “He’s slower than our Japanese players, so he needs time to work on his strength.”

On the other hand, Fujieda president Jun Koyama asked for support to Vathanaka from Cambodian fans.

“Vathanaka is struggling here in Japan but he’s trying hard,” said Koyama. “Please just give him a little longer and show him your support.”