Jamie Young: What happened to me in Thailand shouldn’t happen in professional football

After facing a horrific injury in the AFC Champions League matchup against Muangthong United, goalkeeper Jamie Young has made his message clear: what happened to him in Thailand should not happen in professional football.

The goalkeeper’s right forearm collided with a metal ring on the goalpost when he attempted to save Xisco’s header.

It opened up a nasty wound which required immediate medical attention and Young was subbed off as Brisbane suffered a 3-0 defeat.

It was revealed later that his cut subsequently required 26 stitches.

Asked whether he would take legal action, he replied with “I have no idea” but was bemused this incident actually happened.

“I can only think that shouldn’t happen in professional football, because people’s lives are at stake,” Young said post-match to FourFourTwo Australia.

“I’ll reassess, talk to a few people and see what I decide from there.”

It was a tough week for Young and in last night’s semi-final against Melbourne Victory, he copped a knock to the head after denying Leigh Broxham one-on-one in the 26th minute.

“The concussion was good then I didn’t have to think about my arm,” Young joked.

“I feel OK, it wasn’t nice to get a knee to the face so just one of those things that happen, you can’t prevent it sometimes and it happens so hopefully, I’ll be fine from it.”

Despite having Young between the sticks, Brisbane Roar could not avoid a 2-0 defeat and bow out from the A-League semi-final.