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Chinese team Beijing Renhe play with 12 men after refereeing error

Beijing Renhe played the last few seconds of China League One’s game against Baoding Yingli Yitong at the weekend with 12 men.

The extraordinary incident happened in the dying minutes of the match after the referee did not notice it until away fans felt obligated to intervene.

Prior to the final whistle, Beijing Renhe decided to make a substitution for Rao Weihui, who had walked off the pitch to receive medical treatment.

Han Xuan then came on from the bench. But there was a confusion on the pitch when Rao Weihui was swiftly back on his feet and returned to action.

For around one minute Beijing Renhe fielded 12 players before the fans began shouting which made the referee realized his mistake and asked Rao Weihui to leave the pitch.

According to some reports, the referee, Zhen Wei is in danger of being relieved of his duties following his bizarre blunder.