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Al Hilal won over Al Nassr in Saudi King’s Cup quarter-final

Al Hilal recorded a famous victory over Al Nassr which is the most well-known derby in Saudi Arabia in Kings’ Cup quarter-final in Al Nassr Stadium.

Al Hilal coach Ramon Diaz and Al Nasr manager Patrice Carteron both entered the match with unusual squads as the managers tried to surprise the opponent and have possession of the ball by playing with more midfielders.

The match was very stressful the whole time, but Al Hilal put on a better performance overall. The Blue Wave threatened Al Nasr’s goal more than once especially with Yaser Al Kahtani and the Brazilian footballer Leo, while Al Nassr only had few dangerous moments in the final minutes of the first half.

Al Hilal possession finally turned into a goal when Nicolas Milesi scored a goal from a corner in the 80th minute, and the result remains the same until Omar Khuraibin the Syrian star scored the final goal from a brilliant pass from Mohammed Al Shalhoub and ending all Al Nasr dreams with achieving semi-finals.