West Asia FIFA World Cup

Ayman Hakeem confident ahead of South Korea clash

Speaking at the pre-match press conference, Syria national team head coach Ayman Hakeem reveals that team is highly motivated ahead of the away clash with South Korea.

He said: “Winning over Uzbekistan gave us the trust but now it’s from the past and we are highly focused on South Korea match because it’s a safe passage to achieve our dream and it’s not impossible”.

Ayman Hakeem held a tactical training session yesterday where he showed video clips from the first leg match between Syria and South Korea, and of South Korea and China match from last Thursday.

He also noted strengths and weaknesses of South Korea team especially in his last match against China, which South Korea suffered a surprising defeat.

Ayman Hakeem managed the session in Incheon stadium, which focused mainly on ball possession and quick move from defence to attack, as well as then shooting, crossing and set pieces training.

Hakeem added: “We will do the best we can, we studied the Korean team carefully and will play against them in the required style, I have the trust in players to make the difference.”