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Ahmed Khalil expected to lead United Arab Emirates frontline

Striker Ahmed Khalil is set to return to United Arab Emirates’ starting lineup to face Australia in the Group B match of the World Cup qualification third round.

UAE were defeated the last time out at home against Japan and remained at the fourth place of Group B with 9 points, 1 behind today’s opponent Australia.

Not only Ahmed Khalil will make his return but the defender Ismail Ahmed is ready to join after he trained with his team normally after recovering from his injury which left him out of Japan match.

Khalil has been integral for UAE’s World Cup campaign as he scored 4 goals for the West Asia team.

The UAE team started their preparations in Sydney under Mahdi Ali management and 24 players trained to fight for a place in the Group B.

The West Asia side are 4 points off the automatic qualification spot, but could move up the table if they can get all three points today