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Kelantan On the Brink of Expulsion from the Liga Super after Failure to Attain License

Liga Super Malaysia side Kelantan FC have only until January 8th to save their place in next season’s league campaign following their failure to attain a national license from the Malaysian Football League (MFL)’s First Instance Body (FIB).

“After an online meeting held on Sunday, it was determined that Kelantan did not secure a national license. Consequently, the club will not be participating in the 2024/25 Liga Super Malaysia season,” stated Sheikh Nasir Sheikh Sharif, the FIB chairman, “Their failure to meet financial obligations, such as salary arrears and contributions to statutory bodies, led to this decision.”

Despite an extension granted for the initial set of obligations, Kelantan couldn’t provide satisfactory proof of payment, resulting in further complications.

Nasir elaborated on the sequence of events, including fines, transfer bans, and ongoing FIFA cases against Kelantan.

The club has until January 8th to appeal the FIB’s decision, offering a limited timeframe for potential reinstatement.

The Red Warriors managed to secure only two victories in their 26 Liga Super matches last season and conceded 121 goals.