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Paul Pogba blasted ahead of Leicester City clash

Manchester United are slated to face Leicester City on Saturday and Paul Pogba has been hurled into the furnace by presenter and blogger Richard Keys.

Keys was unequivocal in launching a written tirade at Manchester United star Paul Pogba ahead of Leicester City’s trip to Old Trafford on Saturday as he has believed, like many others, that the Frenchman has not lived up to his hype since joining Man United from Juventus in 2016. Keys, suitably angered, did not hesitate to label him a “bang average imposter” in a trademark online rant.

City travel to Old Trafford on Saturday afternoon looking to kickstart a strong end to the season after a campaign of illness and injuries. However, regardless of whether Pogba – whose inclusion is doubtful for the weekend due to an injury – features in the game or not, an irate Keys will be putting him under intense scrutiny.

“Paul Pogba reckons he’s wasted five and a half years of his career at United,” Keys wrote in his latest blog post. “Those of us who watch him every week would agree.

“United have wasted millions on a bang average imposter. How dare he? You can count on one hand the number of good games he’s had in a United jersey. I’ve seen some good players in United red down the years – he, definitely – isn’t one of them.

“If I were running United I’d invite him to leave now. What’s the point of him staying? He has absolutely nothing to contribute. United will be better off without him. Play someone who wants to wear that magnificent jersey. Who wants to be at OT. Who cares. Who’s proud to represent the club.

“Pogba makes my blood boil.”

Credit: Football Tribe Malaysia