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Curran Ferns Accuses Player of Faking Malaysian Heritage for Own Benefit

Malaysian football was rocked this week by an accusation made by Curran Ferns towards an unidentified foreign player who was about to be naturalized by the Malaysian government. Ferns, who himself was an Australian-born naturalized player for Malaysia, launched a scathing attack on the player in question through his Instagram story.

Ferns, who had represented the likes of Sukhothai FC, Negeri Sembilan FC, Melaka United, and FELDA United in his playing career, did not hold back in his words towards the unidentified player on his Instagram story.

“It’s amazing that the Football Association of Malaysia want to give a player naturalization, when that player in question had lied that he was Malaysian in order to get a passport for his own personal benefit,” Ferns wrote.

“To represent Malaysia and to be a citizen is much more than football. How can we allow someone who tried to manipulate the people and lie to everyone because his name sounded of Asian descent, to easily line his own pockets?” Ferns continued, “That is the biggest insult and a slap in the face.”

“Show your papers on how your family bloodline is Malaysian because you spoke to the media for years already. Prove it or apologize to the people for lying and ask for forgiveness, then let the people decide on whether you’re fit to be a Malaysian or not,” concluded Ferns.

Ferns’ scathing words came after news broke out that Liga Super Malaysia side Sri Pahang FC are planning to naturalize two of their foreign players – Argentinian striker Sergio Ezequiel Aguero and English midfielder Lee Tuck. Both players are eligible for Malaysian citizenship having stayed in the country for around five years, while additionally, Tuck has gone on record to state that he has Malaysian heritage through his grandmother.

Working on the hint of “his name sounded of Asian descent,” one might suspect that the player Ferns is talking about was former Terengganu FC captain Tuck, however, more evidence must be gathered before one could jump to conclusions.